My Favorite Stores!

Hi everyone, to those who celebrated, I hope you had a very happy Happy Easter!

Although I wasn't able to celebrate Easter with all of my family, I was able to make the most out of it with just my mom since she made a really big dinner. We're going to have leftovers for days!

I decided I would dedicate today's blog post to my favorite stores at the moment, since many of you have asked.

1. H&M

This is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite brands ever! Trendy yet timeless, H&M never fails to impress me. Though they can be slightly pricey depending on their material (such as cashmere, which I may go into detail in on a later post), you can find amazing sales every now and then, especially right now! There are locations all over the city, but I personally like the one in Soho the best. I just recently bought this adorable red floral dress from them...clink on the link here to check it out:

2. American Eagle

I'm not one to be completely basic, but American Eagle is also another favorite brand of mine. Personally, though so many people shop for their jeans there, I don't like the way they fit on me. Even with their curvy line, I still can't seem to like the way they look on me. However, they do have the cutest tops, skirts, and dresses. This brand has a very boho style to them, so if you like flowy tops and dresses, this is definitely the place for you. Unfortunately, American Eagle can be a bit pricey, so always make sure to stay subscribed to them to be notified of any sales right away, because they are worth it!

3. Zara

Trendy, sleek, and chic, Zara will ALWAYS have my heart. Known for its high street fashion, this brand is always up to date with the latest trends whether it be animal print, or balloon sleeves. I usually come here when I'm in desperate need of statement pieces, because Zara isn't particularly known for timeless staples.

4. L Train Vintage

If you live in NYC, you'll know that this store is a thrifter's paradise. The first time I went to L Train was in my freshman year of high school, and I had no idea what to expect. I'd never thrifted before, and I wasn't aware of the deals and lucky finds I'd be able to potentially find for myself. I'm so glad till this day that I decided to go for the first time freshman year, because I was able to find a warm, adorable red Abercrombie & Fitch coat for $10. That's right! $10!!! I still go to this day, and there are different locations around the city. The most common one to go to is the one in Manhattan on 1st Ave. However, I also went with my friends to a store called Urban Jungle in Bushwick, Brooklyn which is affiliated with L Train Vintage, it's just an enormous store! It's a bit of a commute if you don't live in Bushwick, but it's definitely worth it if you're looking for inexpensive thrift stores. You can potentially find designer brands at L Train if you really were to look, or just get lucky!

Of course, my fav stores right now might change within the next few months, but I wanted to share with you guys my current favorites. If any of these were to change, I'd definitely keep you guys updated, and I might keep adding to my list as well!

I hope you guys have a wonderful day.


Bella <3

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