Sustainable Clothing- Earth Day!

Hello darlings! I hope you were all able to make the most of Earth Day today, since we weren't able to actually go outside. However, there are other ways you can help our environment besides going out in the open! In the world of fashion, you can help out Mother Earth by purchasing eco-friendly items.

In honor of Earth Day, I thought I would dedicate this post to listing four sustainable brands that not only benefit our environment, but can add the cutest additions to your closet!

H&M Conscious: An extremely well known brand, H&M launched their new Conscious Collection in the Spring of 2019. The Conscious Collection proudly uses 100% organic cotton, Tencel and recycled polyester. Organic cotton uses less chemicals and water, and Tencel is known to be safer for workers and has less waste. This benefits our earth tremendously because we aren't putting toxic chemicals into our clothes and air, and we aren't wasting materials that we won't able to get back. With the materials used to create their clothes, to represent sustainability, H&M decided on floral and earthy themes. How adorable is that? Clink the link below to look at a beautiful floral dress.

Ralph Lauren: The Earth Polo- If you were looking to treat yourself to a designer brand, you might as well support the environment while doing it! The Earth Polo is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. Though it can be expensive , purchasing this shirt is totally worth it because your money is being sent to a brand that is extremely ethical and supports the reduction of our environmental impact. Luckily for you, they come in a variety of colors! Clink the link to see one:

Vera Bradley ReActive: Looking for a new bag? Vera Bradley's ReActive collection provides a wide variety of different types of bags to choose from. These bags are also made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles. I personally have a Vera Bradley bag and it's one of the best purchases I've ever made! It is extremely durable, and of course I had to make sure it was super stylish. Don't miss out! I've attached a link of an adorable tote below:

EcoVibe: A community based company, EcoVive supports minorities, small businesses and women. Though this company is not well known, it is extremely ethical and believes sustainability shouldn't have to be a luxury, therefore their prices are decently affordable! Here's a super cute shirt from them:

I hope this post helped you if not to find new sustainable fashion brands, but to continue or start being environmentally conscious. We only have one earth, so let's remember to keep it safe!

Bella <3

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