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Hi everyone! I'm Bella. I cannot believe that I'm sitting here writing this blog. I've always wanted to create one, ever since I was a little girl. Well, I finally got my wish!

I thought I would dedicate this first post to elaborate on what I will be sharing with you guys going forward.

As you've probably read in my description, I am dedicating this website to fashion, makeup, lifestyle, and wellness. I am based mainly in Manhattan since I am currently still a full time high school student. Fortunately, since I live in NYC, I have the benefit of traveling all over the city whenever I please, when I'm not in school of course.


During the school week, after I get out of school, my friends and I usually hang out and go to Soho to either window or binge shop. As I am in Soho, I love to go to different clothing stores and observe any current trends that I see present in the city currently, also known as Fast Fashion. While I am not the biggest fan of constantly purchasing trendy clothes because they'd be out of style within a few months or so (and you're also wasting a lot of money), I sometimes find a few pieces that I believe to be unique and I would purchase them. You should definitely know that I have a very soft/neutral aesthetic in clothing and I am obsessed with classic statement pieces. My entire wardrobe revolves around this aesthetic, and I wouldn't want to change that for the world. Oh, and I also love pastels and florals. On that note, you'll probably find me posting a lot of lookbooks that are based upon my aesthetic.


In my opinion, it is essential for everyone to have a go to makeup routine. Whether it's a soft glam, or a dramatic smokey eye, having that go to routine saves confusion, tardiness, and embarrassments. So, you'll also be seeing me post my updated everyday makeup routines every now and then. I also plan on posting monthly favorite makeup products, as well as makeup tutorials for either everyday looks or special occasions.


When you think about NYC, what comes to your mind first? It's probably along the lines of the city never sleeps. While NYC is known for its fast paced, busy streets, it is important to realize that as a person that lives in the Big Apple, your lifestyle doesn't have to be so fast and crammed. As you can still embrace these characteristics of the city, you can also create your own way of living in it, so you can enjoy it to the best of your ability. As a New Yorker, I make sure to take the time to be mindful of nature, and the phenomenal architecture that constantly surrounds me. I also make sure to support local businesses around different neighborhoods, and discover different ways of life in a variety of cultures. Little things like these are vital in order to be grounded in such a vast, congested city. You'll definitely see me post about different activities and things that I'd find in my city.


Last, but certainly not least, I will be posting about the importance of the wellness of myself and you! This is a bit of an emotional subject for me because I am very vulnerable when it comes to opening up about my mental health. However, in order to truly see progress whether it be mental health or physical health, it is essential to keep yourself, and others updated on your journey in order to be motivated to keep moving forward. I am willing to share my journey with you all to create the best version of myself, and to also give advice to those who need it along the way.

I know this was a bit of a read, but if you were able to get this far, I thank you very much. It means so much to me that you guys are willing to take time out of your days to read a bit about mine. I cannot wait to see this platform continue to grow and blossom!

Much love,

Bella <3


^This is me. :)

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